Power your TV with throw way AA Batteries. We are the only company selling TV's like this.
2021 Ready, "AA Disposable Battery" Powered, Video Playing, HD Digital, Portable TV's


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Get our Disposable "AA" Battery Powered Portable TV Here

  Buy AA Rechargeable Batteries Here (each one of our tv's also work with regular disposable AA batteries)
** All of Our Digital TVs use "AA" Disposable or Rechargeable Batteries - great if you only have batteries in the house!!!

10 LIFETIME Guarantee Rechargeable Batteries - SALE - $49.99


  7" Digital TV with USB player
  Solar Hand Crank Radio Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger  

Quick Instructions for TV

1. Plug in TV with ac adaptor. Extend antenna. Stand by window. Turn on tv.
2. Press menu button.
3. Press volume plus key on the tv four times.
4. Press the channel minus key on the tv two times.
5. Press the volume plus key two times. Allow tv to scan. Watch tv.

Quick: menu button, volume '+' button (4x's), chanel '-' button (2x's), volume '+' button (2x's)

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